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Most people begin to think about a will when they have young children, when they are planning a long trip, or when they begin to age and want to make it easier for the next generation to receive what they have accumulated over a lifetime. Sometimes tax planning is necessary, but the most important thing a person needs to talk with the attorney during an estate planning consultation is how they want to provide for their own later years.

A discussion with the attorneys will help you come to decisions regarding who will be the Executor, Trust of any trust contained in the will, and who will serve if the named person is not able to do so.

Sweetheart wills are prepared for couples and gives everything to the survivor on the death of the first to die, and then each will provides for what happens when the second member of the couple dies.

Tax planning can be established in wills but the use of trusts, and other tax saving measures, if federal estate taxes may be applicable.